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10 Ways to Link in Your Common Interests

10 Ways to Link in Your Common Interests

Linking with people who share your interests seems intuitive, but sometimes we forget to include it in formal business planning. Like any piece of the marketing plan, it has to be measurably valuable to them and you to be successful.  With that in mind, here are some linking activities to include:

  1. Join industry groups, interest groups, networking groups, or social groups and engage with them
  2. Link, Follow, and Friend on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and anywhere else your audiences hang out.
  3. Review industry news, hashtags, social posts and blogs and connect with others who have influence in your market
  4. Connect with key personnel at non-profit organizations you support
  5. Connect with press contacts for media that reaches your market
  6. Volunteer
  7. Attend social and networking events and meetings
  8. Take a class or attend a seminar
  9. Be someone people want to meet
  10. Keep up-to-date details about your connections (preferably in a contact management program you can access from anywhere)

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