Connect with Your Market using Twitter Lists

Connecting with the right people and resources is critical to business success.   Though you discover plenty of new opportunities and ideas at live networking events and in your social media feeds, sometimes you have to search for them.

We’ve been conditioned to Google our interests.  If you’re like me, you’ve explored many empty rabbit holes that way!  Unlike Google, who filters interests for us social media platforms give users some power to filter their own interests… and even better, to share them with others.  

You’ve probably taken advantage of social media groups, pages, hashtags, and boards, but how about Twitter lists?

Influencers and innovators post regularly to Twitter, creating a treasure trove of shareable visibility and value creating news, products and services, events, tips and tools to help you GROW.

Here’s how to leverage it to find your interests and be more visible and valuable in your market:

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