Gain Rewards, Opportunities and Well-Being (GROW)

Change is one of the few constants in business. We GROW with change.  Here are 10 ways to gain rewards, opportunities, and well-being as your business and life constantly changes.

  1. Define success and measure your results regularly
  2. Listen for problems you can solve
  3. Reduce costs by sharing resources and taking advantage of group benefits
  4. Add value and visibility to you, your products and your services by linking in your common interests through joint ventures, shared marketing communications, networking and relationship building
  5. Strengthen your market position with testimonials
  6. Expand with new products, external funding, strategic alliances or partnerships
  7. Get the best service and profitability with exceptional vendors and vendor relations
  8. Seek new knowledge, and review and share what you know
  9. Leverage technology that provides maximum efficiency and effectiveness
  10. Regularly compare solutions and best practices with your connections  – see #1
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