How Every Size and Type of Business Can Hire Some of the Best FREE Executives they’ll Ever Have

Spoiler alert – the executives are your local chambers of commerce.

Your local chamber works for you every day with one goal – to support your collective goals. Here’s what your chamber executives will do for you all year long for a nominal annual investment that you can leverage with benefits to save more – sometimes exceedingly more – than it costs you:

  • Collaborate internally, locally and regionally with business, government, non-profit and community stakeholders
  • Advocate for you, inform you, and get you a seat at the table when there are local or regional changes that could affect you
  • Analyze, secure, and report to you on group benefits that can save you significant time and money
  • Analyze, secure group savings, and report to you on technology you can benefit from
  • Analyze, secure and report to you on group marketing and advertising opportunities you can take advantage of
  • Inform you of new businesses who may need your products or services
  • Educate you, your team, and your future workforce on business and personal tools, technologies, skills, trends, resources and best-practices
  • Help develop your future workforce through scholarships, partnerships, events, and internships
  • Plan events to connect you and your team with resources, community members, government officials, non-profit organizations, and fellow businesses locally and regionally
  • Market you with links back to your site that help search engines find you, newsletter highlights of your events and news, member-to-member offers for your products and services, social media posts, job opening posts, community mail, events, collateral material, signs, radio, television, sponsorships and last but certainly not least, personal referrals for the many incoming calls they receive asking them where to find the products and services you provide
  • Actively drive and support the economic strength that keeps your business thriving by working with local government to court and providing incentives and information to new businesses, non-profits and community members
  • Stay abreast and keep you informed of equipment, space, employee, natural, technology, intellectual and other resources in the areas you serve
  • Raise, manage and report on funds that assure they can keep doing the best job for you
  • Maintain a quality brand image for you
  • Manage their own operations, technology, marketing, and finance departments effectively
Not a local chamber of commerce member yet?  Consider the value of hiring one some of the best executives you’ll ever have. Take five minutes to do a cost/benefit analysis of local chamber dues using values for the above support and opportunities provided for you every day, and the actual savings you’ll enjoy with the group benefits you’ll use.

If you ARE a member – take stock of the relationship between you and your free executives.

Is your local chamber (your free team of executives) doing everything in their job description? Executives perform best when you support them, engage them, develop them, and continually contribute to their understanding of your vision, mission and goals.   Are you engaging with your chamber at events and on committees? Are you supporting them with your gains from their work?  Are you helping develop them as a director or committee chair?  Do they have a clear understanding of the value you offer your market?

Join and engage with your local chamber of commerce for GROWTH (Gaining Rewards, Opportunities, and Well-being Together Harmoniously)

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