Remember Your Childhood Social Training

Once you have people to share with, how and what do you share? Add one or more of these to your pSharing a popsiclelan.

  1. Lend your opinions and know-how to blog posts, news articles, LinkedIn groups and questions, group meetings, and individuals
  2. Write a blog, produce video tips, develop tools, publish white papers, create a slideshows – share them with your connections with RSS and social sharing buttons
  3. Share risk
  4. Use social sharing tools to share links, tips, tools, ideas, wisdom or connections
  5. Share resources – advertising, people, space, supplies, equipment, knowledge, budget
  6. Volunteer your skills, knowledge and experience
  7. Donate products and services
  8. Write press releases that relate your business to relevant topics in the news, publish them, and share them with the list of PR contacts you made
  9. Relay the vision, value, and virtue of you, your products and your services through sales and marketing
  10. Share social, economic and environmental responsibility

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